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Get the look hair and makeup how to...

Hola Sassparilla's Today I'm changing things up a bit and doing a "Get the look" how to blog post. I tried out a new makeup and hairstyle today and wanted to share with you in case you would like to try out the look or any part of it yourself.  I will say this post may be a bit long because I have to explain each step a bit for the makeup/hair but bear with me ! If you guys like these tutorials and are interested in me doing other looks for you please either comment below or send me an email and I will work on that for all you lovelies .

I'm going to start by explaining the steps for the makeup look I tried out today which looks like this:

The products I used to get this look are what work for me by all means use something comparable if you prefer I will try to remember to remember to include brand and shades of products in case you would like to use what I used. So lets get this tutorial going  now shall we?

*I would like to start by saying you will always get a more flawless looking face by starting off with a face PRIMER . It fills in your pores and any fine lines you may have so that your foundation just lays on top of your skin making you look damn near amazing. I use MAKEUP FOREVER in the translucent shade. They make ones with yellow and green base to them to correct things like redness and under eye circles but the plain Jane one is what I use. With that being said you obviously don't have to use primer , it's a free country so by all means live on the edge if you wish :)*

1. I Started this look with SMASHBOX  concealer under my eyes+eyelids all the way up to the brow bone. Also across my forehead from about mid forehead to the top of my eyebrows. I also swipe a small amount down the bridge of my nose to define it>(aka the nose job fake-out) If you have any redness or blemish spots dab a bit on those areas as well. (If you don't have an area of redness or a blemish I secretly am hating you, just kidding ..kind of)

Here is a little visual on the areas I place concealer:

2. The next step will be to dab on foundation to the areas not currently covered by concealer I use my  foundation brush for this but a makeup sponge or your finger will work as well. For this look I chose to use REVLON PHOTO READY FOUNDATION . Then you want to blend it into the areas covered by concealer so that it looks seamless.

3. Once you have a now flawless canvas to work with you should set the look so it doesn't all come off within a few hours of you putting it on. I use  MAKEUP FOREVER HIGH DEFINITION POWDER. Sassparilla's I can not rave enough about this product ( if you would like to know more about this product please check my blog post archives for a full review on the product) Just use a powder brush and go over your whole face with the product.

4. I then applied ELF FUCHSIA FUSION BLUSH to the apples of my cheeks ( apply with a very light hand as the focal point of this look will be your eyes and you dont want your face to look like a clown competition)

5. Now for the main attraction : those very glam eyes! For this step I used my SEPHORA MOONSHADOW BAKED PALETTE If your not familiar with the shades in this palette or don't own it yourself the colors in the palette all have a bit of shimmer to them ranging from a buttery cream shimmer to dark browns and golds. So you certainly can use another eye shadow palette/brand etc... be creative..  I swept the entire eyelid with the buttery cream colored shimmer shadow from inner corner to outer corner and used it as a highlight on the brow bone. Then I took a dark coppery gold and starting from mid eyelid and swept to the outer corner and up into the crease blending it into the cream shimmer. I next used a chocolate brown shimmer very lightly in the crease blending into the shimmery gold that is already there. Now take a angled brush and blend everything slightly so there are no harsh lines visible. The next product you will need is a brown liquid liner , any brand is fine I just used a cheapie NYC drugstore brand. I know most people use black liquid liner but I find for a warm eye look where you don't want a severe looking liner the brown liquid works swimmingly! You are going to be aiming for a subtle "cat eye" which will give you that wide eyed glamorous look. Some people start all the way at the inner corner of the upper eyelid, I like to start just a hair out from there . I find that going all the way to the inner corner can sometimes result in making the eyes look smaller instead of more open like we are aiming for with this look. Now move across the eyelid slightly flicking upwards with the eyeliner at the outer corner. (if you are not good with liquid you can first draw yourself a guide with brown eye pencil, or just use a very well sharpened eye pencil for the cat eye itself) Now its Mascara time! I love a good Mascara I find that usually to create fullness and length it usually requires two different mascaras. There are mascaras that will do the job of both lengthening and volume but they are few and far between. Normally I use BUXOM Mascara and that's one of the best at doing both jobs but because I was looking for a more dramatic eye with this look I first used my MAKEUP FOREVER SMOKEY LASH mascara which is amazing at creating a very full looking lash. I followed that up by just sweeping the BUXOM on the tips of the lashes to add length and waahlaa ! Hello doe eyes ! (use just a volumizing mascara on the bottom)
6. Last but not least to finish up we are gonna move on to the bubblegum pink pouty pucker portion of this look ( try saying that 5 times fast, not possible I tried) I used a SEPHORA LIP PENCIL IN MIAMI PINK . I've actually had this lip pencil for quite some time and not used it much because I wasn't sure how I wanted to wear it. Today's look made me realize I love this color!! I think it will be even more amazing in the summer after obtaining a healthy glow!

Well that concludes the makeup portion of "Get the Look" now if there is anyone still reading after that very lengthy post we are going to move on to the Hairstyle portion ( which is much quicker I promise)

The Look I'm showing you today Is SUPER SUPER SUPER (did i say super?) easy! I discovered this look via an amazing YouTube channel that I subscribe to called  LUXYHAIR ! This lovely and talented ladies channel is full of great hair tutorials for all sorts of different looks. Not only does she have tons to chose from , she also has a way of explaining/demonstrating the styles  in her tutorials that are so easy to follow. I promise you will be able to master just about any style she features!
So for this look you simply start by pulling your hair into a side ponytail and tie it with a small elastic (try to get a color close to your hair color, i chose a color that would show up for the photo just to demonstrate placement) Next you are going to separate the hair in two right above where you put the elastic. Now pull with your other hand the ponytail section of hair (below the elastic) up and through the middle of the separated hair, then pull it tight. Next you are going to move about 1.5 inches down the pony-tailed portion of hair and put another hair elastic around it. Again separate the section above the elastic in two and flip the pony-tailed end through the middle and tighten section. Keep repeating this process for the length of your ponytail. Lastly you are going to go to each flipped through section and pull the sides to loosen it up a bit making it look a little less neat. I curled the pieces on the sides that didn't go into the side pony ( because I have layers) but you certainly don't have to if you like how it looks as it is. And that is it folks! (YAAAY for those that made it through)
Once you do it once you will be able to do it with your eyes closed its that simple.

Please subscribe to LuxyHair on Youtube to see the creator of this look and her great video tutorials as well as her extension line at

Thanks for attending this class of sass my loyal Sassparilla's , until next time.....


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