Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sassy Scents...my 2 cents ;)

Hello my sassy peeps! Hope your all staying warm...(is it spring yet?)

Being inside so much I have literally burned up most of the bath and body candles I bought at the Christmas Sale (I have an addiction to a cozy smelling house, don't judge me!) Which is why I was super excited to be sent a new candle type product to test out. My friend Jennifer Wheeler is an Independent Scentsy Consultant . If you are not already familiar with Scentsy, (I had heard of the company but didn't know what it was really) they offer home and personal fragrance products. For instance scented, wick-less candles in light bulb heated , totally awesome decorative ceramic warmers! 

catalog and Bar of "Happy go Lucky" Scentsy fragrance

My soon to be mother-in-law had sent me a ceramic warmer (not Scentsy's brand) for Christmas and I really enjoy it because I don't worry about having it on while the kids are running around the house, or one of the cats burning their bottoms ( don't laugh its already happened ) But that was the first time i'd ever tried one that didn't involve some sort of flame. I was excited to get the Scentsy fragrance and give it a try so when I saw the postman dropping it off I think I scared him with my over zealous sprint towards him to obtain my package. 

Jennifer sent me three different fragrance's to try out and also sent a loaner Plug in ceramic warmer. Let me just say first that I am a sucker for all things mini sized so the fact that it was a smaller version of regular warmer thrilled me! The name of the loaner I received is the Santa Fe Plug in and it retails in the catalog for 20$. Totally a bargain , the design is gorgeous and the quality of the product is really good. It came with instructions on how to put it together properly and safety tips.  I plugged it in my bathroom and put in the fragrance "happy go lucky" in the designated area. When I turned it on I was immediately in love because the light through the ceramic just makes the bathroom look so damn cute when you walk in and the bathroom light is out. I left and went about my business in the house and when I went in later I was amazed by how wonderful it smelled.  My bathroom and a bit of my living room were smelling fantastic all from this powerhouse lil ceramic warmer! 

Scentsy Santa Fe plug in ceramic warmer

Now I am somewhat of a candle snob , I normally will only purchase Yankee Candle , or Bath and Bodywork's candles because I find them to be the best quality around. But with that being said Scentsy is Just as good ,maybe even a tad better (hate to type that ,I feel like I've just cheated on my regular brands lol) I also think I'm going to be out 20$ due to the fact that I have formed a love connection with my Santa Fe "loaner" ( you are a smart saleswoman Jennifer Wheeler !!)

If any of my sassy followers have anymore questions about the product or are interested in ordering something, I will link Jennifer's online store url and email down below.  As alwaysI hope you enjoyed this post and  if you have any questions , or comments, or maybe you have tried Scentsy and want to recommend a certain fragrance that you enjoy please leave me a comment below. I love getting your feedback!

Jennifer Wheeler Independent Scentsy Consultant
To Browse/Order online: www.wheeler.scentsy.us
Email: jw.wickless@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jw.wickless

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