Friday, January 11, 2013

What i'm loving this moment...

hello sassaparilla's I have been trying to come up with a name for all you sassy folks that read my blog and I do believe sassaparilla's has won! (yes I realize that's a soda, so be bubbly while enjoying my blog if your the type that needs things to make sense) So I thought I'd do a lil blog about things/products that I'm currently loving at the moment so buckle up peeps and enjoy the ride :)

1. This current fave of mine is a product I have used before but only recently rediscovered it in my hair supplies and I have fallen in love all over again It is called Surf Head and it is and amazing hair wax that you can use to get that just been to the beach tousled look and its amazing !! Mine is so old it had literally hardened in the jar ! Because it is a wax I just used my blow dryer to heat it up and make it hair worthy again! I can not for the life of me remember where I got it but I'm gonna do a Google search for sure to see where it can be bought. Now I know a lot of people like surf sprays but for me this product is better because it doesn't leave my hair with that dry tangled feeling.
The only cons for this product is use it sparingly because using too much could leave you feeling quite sticky icky !

2. So number two is not so much a product but a look . I am loving the way an all white manicure looks right now. I first tried it with a mattifying top coat and for me that was a Nail Fail , I ended up looking like I painted my nails with white out. Then i tried it with a regular clear top coat and I love it ! I've done a white nail as a base to a design before but it never really occurred to me to just do a plain white nail, well until now. I LOVE IT!

3. My new flat iron case! I was at the bookstore at my school grabbing my books for next semester and they had the most amazing flat iron cases in there ( I have no idea why a college bookstore sells flat iron cases but im happy they do) I believe this one was like 6 dollars but I have ripped the tag off so I have no idea what the brand is so I apologize if you were hoping to look for it. If your in College maybe your bookstore carries them too? I just really loved the color combo and pattern , so to the register it went.

Disclaimer- I am sorry for my very pale makeup free face and bummy hair but I took this pic as soon as the postman delivered it and I hadn't gotten ready for the day yet. Oh well we know each other well enough by now that I'm sure all my sassparillas wont mind too much! -End Disclaimer
4. Last but not least is this adorable pink scarf my fiance ordered me ! He ordered it off amazon if you would like one yourself. My friends and family that know me best know that I for years now have had a bit of a skull scarf obsession. It started while visiting my brother in California a few years back . I found a cute black and beige one in a random street shop in Santa Barbara (which I still have) and has continued on since then.

Well that concludes the what im\loving at this moment hope you all liked it! If you enjoyed this blog post please become a subscriber I have much more to come as well as a giveaway to be announced in the near future! As always if you have any comments feedback or concerns please leave me a comment below as well as a link to your own blog if you have one. I read and try to respond to all comments and I love reading your blogs as well!

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