Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beauty without a product or tool is beauty true?

Hey Sassy's if your reading this I bet you noticed a bit has changed here on A Class of Sass. (if not well then cheers to being oblivious lol) I changed the format a bit and still have some changes to make. I'm not changing much content wise just making things a bit easier on the eyes for my readers I hope!
So let me know what you think, Im not sure if I'm super keen on the new layout so it may change a few times before I get it where I want it.

Today I just thought I'd write a bit about what I find really beautiful, because in today's society it is so easy to get caught up in the latest designers, trends,makeup, and must haves that a girl can lose complete sight of what is truly appealing about her in the first place. All the trends, fashion,and makeup mean nothing if you haven't got a beautiful soul. Just my opinion of course there may be tons of fashionable soul-less zombies walking around completely content but I would guess not.

So my top picks for true beauty qualities are:

1. A smile- Nothing is worse than a girl who scowls all the time (plus scowling causes wrinkles) So offer up a smile now and again, its one of a girls best accessories!
2.Act a fool - Try not to take the world so seriously, act ridiculous once in a while, it will keep you looking and feeling young. There is nothing more unattractive and boring as a person who can't let go and just be silly sometimes.
3.Confidence- You should always be your #1 fan, if you don't have faith in yourself those around you are going to find it hard to believe in you as well
4.Ambition- always striving towards a goal,dream, or higher understanding. Never remaining stagnant. If you aren't feeding your soul you aren't moving forward in this life.
5.Positive Outlook-yes we all know life can be depressing, but the ability to stand tall and see the bad times as nothing more than life's lessons, is how we become better humans. So get on with it and find the upside, stop crying in your cheerio's and turn things around!
6. Loyalty- Be loyal lovers, friends,and family members. Tend to those relationships with great care , you may not always get the same courtesy but always try to do your best within that relationship. It really does wonders in feeding the soul.
7. Spontaneity - be spontaneous sometimes, veer off the beaten path and do what validates you and your feelings in that very moment ! I assure you it is one of the most freeing feelings , and I am always drawn to a person who is not afraid of living their life with a bit of spontaneity!

I'm sure I could think of dozens more but I think you get the gist. Physical beauty is great and fun to experiment with different aspects of glamming ourselves up on the outside. It is just as fun tending to the inside. If you let your soul become ugly your outer beauty will eventually lose it's shine as well. So pay attention to the beauty of your soul and I guarantee the rewards are endless!

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