Monday, January 14, 2013

another of my rambles...

Hello there my Sassparilla's thought today I would just do a little life update ( for those that care , if you don't feel free to exit this post i will not be offended . Hell, I wont even know lol).  So I just got back from a job interview , i've been out of work since Sept  but over the holidays my boyfriend proposed to me (YAAAY) so I want to start putting some money away for our wedding. Since it looks like i'm not going to win the lotto any time soon , or intend to rob a bank ( due to the epic fashion fail of prison uniforms or suits or whatever they're called lol) It seems I'm going to need a job. I didn't dress super fancy but I did dress up a bit, I did a really simple makeup look with just a dark taupe eye and black eyeliner /mascara. I used a pink blush and did a nude lip. I wore my hair in a low side bun with wispy hair pieces pulled out and a lil bit of a bang poof or an " a la snooki" Here is a pic I took

My outfit was the leopard print top (obviously) which I love because it is cut longer in the back with an adorable ruffle detail , so cute! a pair of straight cut khaki's , and nude ballet flats. My accessories I kept fairly simple as you want the employer to pay attention to how phenomenal you are as an employee not how much bling you own. So I just wore my staple pieces Tiffany heart toggle necklace , silver men's style watch, my engagement ring (of course) and small slightly dangle earrings. Finished it off with my black leather Jacket and was out the door. I hope I landed the job , seemed to be a good vibe to the interview. I feel like you can usually tell whether or not the person is interested in hiring you, what do you think?  Now is the waiting game for the phone to ring lol. Lets see what else did I want to talk to you sassy peeps about??? I've rambled on so long I think I forgot... Oh I know I wanted to tell you what I am obsessing over right now as far as music goes. So Ellie Goulding's New Album Halcyon is amazing from start to finish, I absolutely cannot stop listening  to it on repeat! Even if you are not really familiar with her music you've probably heard her  hit Lights on the radio. I strongly urge you to listen to the rest of her stuff , she is amazing!! I am also currently having a total girl crush on someone I just discovered (because apparently I've been living under a rock) Juliet Simms. She was on the Voice  (not sure what season) but I had only really started watching that show this season..but while browsing YouTube I discovered her(thank you music Gods) It was her first performance on the show and she did "oh darling" by the Beatles . Her voice is so full of soul and rock  n roll that she gave me goosebumps , I was hooked and watched every single YouTube video of her singing that I could find! Later on I had posted a video of hers on my Facebook page and and of my fb friends Bethany clued me into the fact that she had been in a band called Automatic love letter and had several albums!! I couldn't have been happier !! Please check her out she is to die for !

Well I suppose your eyes are becoming blurry from this rather long ramble of mine , so I will bid you ado my sassparilla's ! Until next time....stay sassy<3

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