Friday, January 25, 2013

My organic Journey

Hey Sassparillas hope everyone is well! I've started back to school so hopefully my professors will go easy on me and I'll still have plenty of time for A Class of Sass blogging as you guys are so important to me and I love doing this. I have so many Ideas for A Class of Sass I sometimes have to reel myself in lol. What can I say I'm a true Pisces and we are dreamers! Anywho on to my post ...So recently my fiance and I watched the movie Food Inc. Now if you haven't watched this movie I have two things to say 1. As an animal lover it is not easy to watch 2. I feel everyone should watch it so the world can be more responsible with the way we eat. It has opened my eyes to what "eating organically" really means. I will NEVER again buy food that isn't organic and have already started converting our household over to being completely organic. It is not easy , its more expensive, but its worth it! I am still doing lots of research and learning what it means to live organically so I thought I would take you all on this journey with me and share my learning with you all.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Drugstore Dupe Review: The Beauty Blender

Today I want to review a product that I was totally hesitant to buy because I am not normally a girl who likes to apply foundation with a sponge, that being said I have read many reviews saying what an amazing tool The Beauty Blender sponge is and what a flawless finish it gives your face. Now the cheapest I've seen the Beauty Blender is for about $15 off the Amazon website, I wasn't willing to shell out 15 dollars for a sponge that may or may not work for me. So I went off in search of a knock off that worked the same way. I always head to CVS first for dupes to products I've heard about and low and behold they had one by the brand  Essence of Beauty and the price tag was a mere $4.99 so yea i'll buy that. Here is what it looks like sorry for the crappy photo I was so excited to use it that I opened it before taking a photo...oopsie?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beauty without a product or tool is beauty true?

Hey Sassy's if your reading this I bet you noticed a bit has changed here on A Class of Sass. (if not well then cheers to being oblivious lol) I changed the format a bit and still have some changes to make. I'm not changing much content wise just making things a bit easier on the eyes for my readers I hope!
So let me know what you think, Im not sure if I'm super keen on the new layout so it may change a few times before I get it where I want it.

Today I just thought I'd write a bit about what I find really beautiful, because in today's society it is so easy to get caught up in the latest designers, trends,makeup, and must haves that a girl can lose complete sight of what is truly appealing about her in the first place. All the trends, fashion,and makeup mean nothing if you haven't got a beautiful soul. Just my opinion of course there may be tons of fashionable soul-less zombies walking around completely content but I would guess not.

So my top picks for true beauty qualities are:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sassy 2 cents ;)

Hello my sassy peeps! Hope your all staying warm...(is it spring yet?)

Being inside so much I have literally burned up most of the bath and body candles I bought at the Christmas Sale (I have an addiction to a cozy smelling house, don't judge me!) Which is why I was super excited to be sent a new candle type product to test out. My friend Jennifer Wheeler is an Independent Scentsy Consultant . If you are not already familiar with Scentsy, (I had heard of the company but didn't know what it was really) they offer home and personal fragrance products. For instance scented, wick-less candles in light bulb heated , totally awesome decorative ceramic warmers! 

catalog and Bar of "Happy go Lucky" Scentsy fragrance

My Top 5 Beauty/Fashion Apps

Hello my Sassy sassparillas! (sorry thats over the top but i've got some extra sass pent up)
Today im just going to be doing a fun little post on my top fashion /beauty apps ( I took some screen shots of them from my phone so you can get a feel for what it is a little bit more than just me telling you.

1.Polyvore- This is my tippity top fave right now , it is just so much fun! Basically it is the most amazing virtual closet where you can build looks from start to finish. clothes are seperated by tops ,pants,jeans,etc.. you can also choose accesories and handbags! I get lost for hours using this app here is the screenshot

Monday, January 14, 2013

another of my rambles...

Hello there my Sassparilla's thought today I would just do a little life update ( for those that care , if you don't feel free to exit this post i will not be offended . Hell, I wont even know lol).  So I just got back from a job interview , i've been out of work since Sept  but over the holidays my boyfriend proposed to me (YAAAY) so I want to start putting some money away for our wedding. Since it looks like i'm not going to win the lotto any time soon , or intend to rob a bank ( due to the epic fashion fail of prison uniforms or suits or whatever they're called lol) It seems I'm going to need a job. I didn't dress super fancy but I did dress up a bit, I did a really simple makeup look with just a dark taupe eye and black eyeliner /mascara. I used a pink blush and did a nude lip. I wore my hair in a low side bun with wispy hair pieces pulled out and a lil bit of a bang poof or an " a la snooki" Here is a pic I took

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Get the look hair and makeup how to...

Hola Sassparilla's Today I'm changing things up a bit and doing a "Get the look" how to blog post. I tried out a new makeup and hairstyle today and wanted to share with you in case you would like to try out the look or any part of it yourself.  I will say this post may be a bit long because I have to explain each step a bit for the makeup/hair but bear with me ! If you guys like these tutorials and are interested in me doing other looks for you please either comment below or send me an email and I will work on that for all you lovelies .

I'm going to start by explaining the steps for the makeup look I tried out today which looks like this:

Friday, January 11, 2013

What i'm loving this moment...

hello sassaparilla's I have been trying to come up with a name for all you sassy folks that read my blog and I do believe sassaparilla's has won! (yes I realize that's a soda, so be bubbly while enjoying my blog if your the type that needs things to make sense) So I thought I'd do a lil blog about things/products that I'm currently loving at the moment so buckle up peeps and enjoy the ride :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Buy full size or Sample Sadness?!

Hello to all my sassy ladies! First off let me say Happy 2013 to you all! Then secondly i'd like to apologize for not blogging for a bit, the holidays have been quite busy and I decided to wait until the crazy holiday brain fog had lifted to do a blog post. Last but not least although fitness is definitely something I consider a part of a well balanced beauty routine I am not by any means very knowledgeable on the subject. With that being said my bestie Marissa has started a motivational health and fitness blog and I would love for you to check it out! I will link her url at the end of this post! Ok now that all the necessary updates have been made Lets get to my beauty samples product reviews shall we?