Monday, April 22, 2013

Leopard Love Connection #OOTD

Loved my leopard silk Blouse with bright teal jeans!
 I have found this shirt to be super versatile, and it is amazing how leopard becomes a neutral when paired with a more eye catching color!
I paired the outfit with a pair of patent nude ballet flats so as not to draw attention away from the clothes.
I am wearing a studded silver necklace from H&M that I got the other day. It gave a little "rock-n-roll" vibe.
Oh and of course the accessory I cant live with out -my Michael Kors rose gold watch.
Hope all my sassparilla's had, are having, or will have (depending on your time zone) a wonderful Monday!

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Spring Flings: things i'm lusting for this spring/summer!

Howdy Sassparilla's! So Spring is officially here and with each new season, comes new products, or styles that i'm dying to try out. I've compiled my most recent list to share with you all. Lets dive into it shall we?

1. The Perfume Saint Tropez by Smell Bent. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with smelling like a coconut. Hair products, lotions, body sprays, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I love that smell. It just makes me feel all warm and beachy (which is my favorite way to feel) So while reading through the May issue of Lucky Magazine I ran across an ad for this perfume and my obsession in fueled once again. Hello My Name Is Jennifer and I am a COCONUT-AHOLIC!

2. Oxfords I absolutely love the look of these shoes! I love them paired with a super girly dress, the mix of the feminine dress/ masculine style of the shoe = MIND BLOWN heres a link to a few of my favorite pairs that I found. B00724ZHXM

3.  Copper eyeliner pencil I was looking for a new eye makeup product to add to my collection for the spring/summer that would enhance my green eye color as well and be out of the normal everyday browns and blacks I line my eye with. I found a really amazing copper pencil that does the trick. Collection B00373D9G4e.l.f. essential liquid eyeliner copper

4. Heart shaped sunglasses  Now let me just say sunglasses for me are something I collect. I could never have too many, I love funky styles and unique frame shapes. To me the heart shaped frames are just so adorable . I love the fun factor they bring to even the simplest outfit of a plain t and jeans look! Here are the links to my top picks : B008FJQD5O B009LZTJ6Q

5. Rompers!! I love fashion choices for spring and summer that are no brainers. I live in maxi dresses most of the summer but this year I really want to try out a romper! They are the complete outfit all on there own but also would look great belted with a statement belt, or made a bit dressier by adding a light fitted blazer for a night out!

I love these! B00BV1PVSI  B00BUROLY8

Well my classy sassy readers I hope you've enjoyed my spring flings, make sure to check out my Amazon links to any of the items you may be interested in and check them out! Until next time....

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beauty's View; An Interview With model Lina Sav

Hello all today I have a feature comletely new to A Class of Sass and I am very excited about it! Beauty's View will be an on going feature where I interview people within the beauty industry on their views on beauty, style, and life in general. My first feature is the Gorgeous Model Lina Sav who was kind enough to grant me this interview. I hope you all enjoy this blog post as well as the addition to this element of A Class of Sass.

For those not already familiar with Lina, she started modeling very young when her mother signed her up with a modeling agency in Russia, where she is originally from. As a child she was on many kids shows as well as other television programs. While Lina was in school she didnt have much time for modeling, but when she turned 17 she started traveling. Her first trip was to Europe(Brussels) and then she went on to move to Los Angeles. It was there that Lina transitioned into more on camera work. Currently she is on contract in Asia doing more print work than anything else.
A.C.O.S-What has been your most memorable modeling job thus far?
LINA-"Honestly, I dont think there is one job that stands out from the rest. All the shoots are pretty much different and unique, especially editorials. The makeup and colors they use are pretty intense. Sometimes I end up looking like a rainbow palette."
A.C.O.S- What are some valuable makeup tips that you have learned from makeup artists along the way?
LINA-"I learned that less is more. I dont even want to do my makeup unless I have a casting to attend. I also learned the importance of taking your makeup off and washing your face before bed. Using makeup wipes is not enough. Washing , using toner, then applying night cream is crucial."
A.C.O.S- Does modeling take a toll on your hair, and what do you do to keep it healthy ?
LINA- "Yes! my hair is destroyed from the constant hair curling,straightening,teasing, and hair spraying. (sometimes repeated multiple times during the same shoot) How do I keep it healthy? Its Practically impossible. I constantly have to trim my ends. I do tend to spend a little more money on my hair products, and take B complex vitamins. On the days I dont have a shoot, I dont touch my hair. I wash it and let it air dry.
A.C.O.S.- Do you work out regularly and if so what is your routine like?
LINA- "I dont work out as much as I should. Running is the best thing you can do to shed fat though. I believe a good diet is more important than sweating at the gym. When I need to lose a few pounds I cut out sugar. I eat very clean for the most part. I never eat fast food and try to cook at home as much as possible."

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday =Beauty Detox Day

Hello Sassparilla's happy Sunday to you all! Sunday is what I call my beauty detox day. It is the day where I wash away my week. I start the day by washing my hair of all products and really give it a good conditioning treatment, I do not blow dry it I just towel dry and leave it to air dry . Next I thoroughly cleanse my face and do a pore cleansing mask. Sundays I leave my face completely natural with no makeup just moisturizer and sunscreen. I remove my nail polish and leave my bare nails unpolished. I do not fuss over what to wear I either stay in my pjs or put on some leggings and a t-shirt  and really just relax! It may seem silly to do this to some people but to me there are many benefits and its really quite freeing. It's like recharging yourself for the upcoming week and it is pretty essential for me. Now don't get me wrong I I have an event to go to on a Sunday I'm not going to show up in my sweats and bunny slippers but I will tell you that if I don't have my Sunday beauty detox I find that it is really hard for me to get the week going with the same pep. So while I was going through my Sunday beauty detox routine today I thought to myself "I wonder if anyone else does this?" And hence a blog baby was born :) so how about it sassparilla's are any of you detoxing today?? What do you make sure to do? 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday : teased hair don't care!

So today I thought in honor of the "throwback Thursday" viral trend I thought , why not look at a throw back hairstyle ! The teased up early 90's wall bangs!! Do any of my sassparilla's remember this hairstyle? For those that don't know what it was, it was basically teasing your bangs as high as you can and swooping them over to one side created basically a teased wave or wall! The higher your bangs the more fabulous you were! 
Now I searched high and low for a picture of myself with these bangs for today's post but I think they are hidden away in a old hair archive somewhere in an alternate universe (or they could just be at my parents house) but if I stumble upon it later I will definitely post a picture!
Xoxo Jennifer
Ps what was your fave throwback hairstyle??