Monday, January 21, 2013

Drugstore Dupe Review: The Beauty Blender

Today I want to review a product that I was totally hesitant to buy because I am not normally a girl who likes to apply foundation with a sponge, that being said I have read many reviews saying what an amazing tool The Beauty Blender sponge is and what a flawless finish it gives your face. Now the cheapest I've seen the Beauty Blender is for about $15 off the Amazon website, I wasn't willing to shell out 15 dollars for a sponge that may or may not work for me. So I went off in search of a knock off that worked the same way. I always head to CVS first for dupes to products I've heard about and low and behold they had one by the brand  Essence of Beauty and the price tag was a mere $4.99 so yea i'll buy that. Here is what it looks like sorry for the crappy photo I was so excited to use it that I opened it before taking a photo...oopsie?

So the most important things I can tell you about using this sponge for foundation application is that you must first wet the sponge. I know it sounds weird but if you don't want the sponge to soak up all your pricey foundation you'll do it! So once you've wet it ring it out a bit and either dab bits of foundation on your face all over or pour a bit on the back of your hand and dab the sponge on there. Now you want to basically bounce the sponge all over your face using the smaller end to get in tight spaces like around your nose and eyes. The application feels slightly strange(envision bouncing a ball all over your face) but the outcome is amazing ! I'm not sure that I will ever be able to go back to a foundation brush (feeling like a trader..) This left my skin looking flawless, and dewy not dry or cakey , almost with a glow to it. I'm a fan for sure. Now I don't know if the actual beauty blender works better than the drugstore dupe I found but I doubt I will bother finding out, the Essence of Beauty one works perfectly for only 1/3 the price. SCORE! Definitely give this product a try I think you will be so amazed! Well that's it my sassparilla's this edition of a class of sass has come to an end , so until next time ...Stay Sassy!

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