About Me

  My name is Jennifer and I am a 31 years young lover of life! I have 2 children, my daughter Marianah is 12 going on 25 (oh the drama of it all)

and my son Amadayus (named after Mozart) is 7 and full of life!

I recently got engaged to a wonderful man named Joshua who treats me like a queen (which I have no problem with by the way)

 I am also a student majoring in Small Business Entrepreneurship with the hopes of running a very successful business. (or two maybe?) I recently just went back to work part time after staying home for quite some time and so far I am managing to Juggle it all alright. I have amazing friends and family who support me in everything I do, which makes me feel incredibly blessed ! I started this blog because I really want to share my passions in life with anyone interested in reading about them.Fashion, makeup,and living a positive lifestyle are where my interests are concentrated.  My style is definitely influenced by my hippie soul, I have always said I was born into the wrong era! I also love and always have loved writing, I love how one persons words can bring readers through a vast array of emotions and make us question our own ideas and thought processes. So when you fuse all the things I love, well thats how A Class of Sass was born. Thank you to all those that read and follow my blog, I hope you enjoy it!

xoxo Jennifer