Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter !

Just a quick post to say happy Easter! Here is the carrot cake I made to take to my parents for Easter 
Hope you all enjoy your day!
Xoxo Jennifer
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's mean fabulous follows!

I want to start doing follow recommendations on Fridays for either fellow bloggers that I am loving or 
websites etc.. 
This weeks follow reccomendation is Claire Marshall a blogger/vlogger/makeup artist based in LA. She has really great style , very easy to follow in her tutorials , and she is just real in her vlogs . So definitely give her blog and vlog a look!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Fab face for under $ 25!

Hello all ! So I thought I would give myself a bit of a challenge this week to find quality products, that would create a flawless everyday makeup look. All for under $25 and I have made it happen folks! So here are the products that made the cut!
Elf mineral face primer is amazing and feels amazing on your skin ! This was $3 and worth every penny!
Loreal visible lift foundation has great coverage without feeling heavy on your skin, it was $13 and foundation was where I made the conscious choice to spend the bulk of my $25 dollar budget because for me it is what really makes the everything else work. 
Next up I purchased Elf high definition face powder for $3 just to set my makeup for a lasting effect. It really worked quite well. I would say it is a good dupe for the pricey Makeup Forever powder that I love!
Last product I purchased was the blush and bronzer kit by the brand FLOWER in the shade gloriously golden. The bronzer is matte with no shimmer which I love for contouring, and the blush is a perfect pastel pink great for spring! This product was $6 such a great deal for an amazing blush/bronzer duo!
Grand total for all my fellow math genius' out there ....$25 !!
High end makeup is amazing but there are always quality drugstore products on the market that are completely comparable! Hope you all enjoyed this , I had fun with it! 
 Xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Hello sassparilla's welcome to my first blog post for spring 2013! It's still cold out but I hear birds chirping and the sun is out! I did a very "spring like" makeup look today using a new product! I used an item from Drew Barrymore's Flower range and I love it! It is a lipstick in the color Camelia Charm

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

.com shopping for my curvy girls

Fellow curvy girls this post is for you! I am 5'10" and def have some well padded curves ( your welcome for that mental image) but I have gotten really good at dressing up that extra fluff with the help from some amazing .com shopping sites as well as reg stores. Today though I'm going to share with you my favorite online sites for my fashionable curvy chics. I get asked about it all the time by friends associated etc who also have a little extra fluff but don't know how to dress it up. Disclaimer - nothing is going to look good on you if you do not get the appropriate size. There is nothing that looks worse than a fluffy girl packed into an outfit like she is in a sausage casing trying to break free! Ok let's get to that list...
1. -great pieces especially basics to maximize your wardrobe. - really great for funky pieces , obsessed with this site most people don't know but they carry a line for the fluffy but fabulous cute clothing at a really affordable Price point!

5.H& this one is probably the one that shocks people the most when I tell them. They also carry a line of larger sizes online , that are super trendy and chic !

Well this is my top notch list , I hope some of you will find it helpful or for the skinny's reading at least somewhat amusing! Until next time ladies , keep it sassy !
Xoxo Jennifer

The Green Beauty Guide: my review

Hi all , I'm excited to share with you today something a bit different than the normal class of sass mojo! As most of you probably know from previous posts my family and I have made a conscious decision to try and live as much of an "organic" lifestyle as possible. We started with our diets, and we have started switching over our cleaning supplies and such, but as I was sitting home the other day I started thinking about the amount of chemicals my beauty products contained. Now may I just say that I will not be switching all my beauty products to their organic counterparts. although i am willing to take a deeper look into organic beauty and possibly make at least a few changes to my daily routine. (Don't judge me, I'm attached to my products)
Organic beauty products is not my area of expertise (yet anyway) so I was going to need help. I went to my local library and found an amazing book called "The Green Beauty Guide" by Julie Gabriel. If your anything like me , I always want to know what makes someone an authority on a topic? Before I put too much weight on what anyone has to say ,about any areas of interest, I want to know I'm not wasting my time on someone who has no background to back up what they claim. I was pleasantly surprised by the authors credentials. Ms. Gabriel's credentials include but are not limited to; she was once associate editor at Harper's Bazaar, beauty editor for Atmosphere's, went on to create her own organic skin care line called Petite Marie Organics, as well as write the book I'm going to review for you today.
The Green Beauty Guide starts by explains how your bodies largest organ, your skin, works. Which becomes helpful in understanding how different products work or in some cases don't work for us. The book also goes into detail about all the chemicals that are in the products we use and how they are harmful to us. As someone who obviously loves beauty products this was hard for me to read. I was really happy when the book then started giving examples of organic brand beauty products to try instead as well as an added bonus of multiple DIY recipes for products anyone can make at home!
This book was packed with information but I found myself really engaged by the things Ms. Gabriel chose to write about. I am definitely going to at the very minimum try to be more conscious of what the ingredients in my beauty product choices are. Wherever possible i will swap them out for the recommended organic brand or one of the DIY recipes from the book! Baby steps right? If you would like more info please visit the authors website and I hope you enjoyed your time here at A Class of Sass!
xoxo. Jennifer

Monday, March 18, 2013

class of sass idle chatter

      Hi guys, hope you all are doing well! I wanted to sit down today and sort of touch base with you all on  a more personal level, sort of like a friendly virtual coffee date. I know my posts haven't been as frequent as I'd like lately and I apologize, If I could do this 24/7 I totally would! If you have followed my blog for a while  then you know that I am a mother to two kids, as well as a part-time old lady college student (no snickering) so just those two tasks alone keep me pretty busy on their own. I have also just recently started a new job so things don't look to be slowing down any time soon. With that said I have also decided that I am going to try and start posting on a regular basis at least a few posts a week just to touch base with you all and share what I can along the way! Now wouldn't you know that as soon as I made the resolution to myself to be more beauty blog diligent, there was a terrible accident here in my daughter while doing homework research on my laptop, accidentally sent it plummeting from our kitchen table onto the hardwood floors. Time of death: 3:35p. It was awful and gruesome and I'm pretty sure my daughter thought she would soon be living in a Swedish Boarding School (lucky for her I can't afford that!) Lucky for me my fiance has one that he has graciously allowed me to use until I get a new one.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patty's polish party

Last night my daughter prepped for the holiday with a polish change!

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curling iron to curling wand

Hello my Sassparilla's I'm not going to start this post apologizing for my absence from blogging, you all know the deal school , kids, family, blah blah blah. What I am going to talk about is how after months of wanting a curling wand but not wanting to spend the money on one (or hear my fiance yap about all my hair stuff consuming the bathroom for the millionth time) I decided to try and convert my regular Conair curling iron into a magical wand. If you don't know what a curling wand is it is basically a curling iron without the clip to hold your hair onto the barrel. The reason I wanted the curling wand is because you can achieve a much more natural looking wave like curl. Very mermaidesque (and who doesn't want to look like a mermaid?) So I figured I would just unscrew a few parts and see what I was left with. Low and behold it worked so I thought I'd share this with you girls and now if you'd like to try and do it yourself you can. *disclaimer : if you choose to attempt this you are liable for any damage you incur to your hair tool, in other words IT AIN'T MY FAULT!*
So here is what you will need:

your curling Iron
a screwdriver  
a plastic bag to hold the parts you will be removing from your curling iron

I started by just simply taking a screw driver from my guys closet (the cross one, idk what its called i'm a girl :) and unscrewing the screw from either side of the curling iron barrel. These screws are what attatch the clip part of the curling iron. Some people might say why can u not just leave it and go around the barrell and the clip with the hair but I've tried that and you always end up with a visable crease in your curl somewhere. once you have unscrewed the clip put the screws and other pieces in a plastic bag for safe keeping.
If you haven't used a wand before or don't know how all you are going to do is grab a section of hair and manually wrap it around your now transformed curling iron/wand and hold in place for about 5 seconds (or longer depending on size of section, length of hair , etc) when u let go you should have a mermaidesque curl/wave. I will include a picture of my hair curled this way. Hope you find this blogpost useful! Until next time my sassy ladies...
Xoxo Jennifer