Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hi guys so today I did alot of running around just purchasing the last few tidbits for Christmas. (well hopefully ) In my travels I had to stop at our local CVS drugstore for a few things. While I browsed around the store (because I can not just go in and get only what I need , what if I miss something?) I came across one of my favorite things.... NUDES . Rimmel cosmetics really has some amazing nude lip products for very cheap. (Sorry to dissapoint those with there head in the gutter this post is indeed about cosmetics ) I purchased a few of them and tried them immediatly when I got into my car. Im not the patient type I have to know if its a love or a hate!! So let me just say it was definatley a love! Here are the products I purchased

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Accessory DIY project!

Hey loves !

 I am writing this post quite late on a Saturday night, because I couldn't wait to share with you all my lil' DIY that I just finished! I knew the kids and I actually had nothing major planned for the weekend (and thrilled about it) so we all hopped in the car and headed to AC Moore. I have been dying to start making my own funky little bib style necklace that are so on trend right now! I just love how they dress up the simplest of shirts/blouses. We ended up spending like 2 hours in ac moore because I am obsessed with their bits and baubles section, and as an added bonus most of the bead/charm items were 1/2 off. So I will just get on with the big reveal...

I Call her the "Meow kitty collar"

I had so much fun making this that I made myself a set of dangly spike earrings using the same spikes I used on the necklace.  I am over the moon obsessed with how the design concept translated from my crazy brain to the actual project outcome (that isnt always the case lol) So what do you all think? Have any of you ladies done anything like this? Comment below or leave me a photo comment with a diy project that you've completed recently and want to brag like I did:) 

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Top Trends Of December

Drum roll please>>> My picks for the top trends of December have been chosen !!! yays ! It is no easy task to narrow down all the looks you love to just a few, but somehow I have focused my fashion a.d.d. to form this list . So without further ado ....

1. The gold glitter dress! They are everywhere right now and I adore them. Maybe it is the sparkle , maybe its the luxe look of the gold but whatever it is i'm hooked. Great look for a holiday party , or a night on the town. I personally love this look paired with a black opaque tight and a black Heel (or if your one of the tall who refuse to wear heels like me a black ballet flat) It just makes it look that much more luxurious! keep your accessories to a minimum with this outfit it comes with its own bling!

 Product ImageJessica Howard Cap sleeve dress

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Smitten with Mittens or Glove Love

Aaah every winter brings the fashion question "to glove or to mitten?" Personally I am a girl who just loves a mitten! They are adorable and cozy and remind me of the ones are parents made us wear when  we were kids that were attached by a single knit cord and threaded through the sleeves of our jackets. But alas those were before the dawn of a  touch screen this or that, so what is a mitted girl to do ? I have bit the bullet and bought a pair of ugly touch screen gloves with the gray fingertips that are not one bit fashionable , but functional...eeew . So whilst contemplating my options I thought "There must be a better way!" So I let my fingertips lead the way to google in search of fashionable finger wear....and low and behold I may have found the answers to one of life's current mysteries < Can fingers remain fashionably toasty in an era of touchscreen?

aaaaaah we are getting warmer! I found these lil gems on they are Ralph Lauren and Tres Chic!

And after searching and searching with no hopeful results I have to say I could not find one pair of touch screen mittens!! Why has the adorable mitten been overlooked by the finger fashion community ? while I do not have the answer, I did find some promising information. Touch Screen gloves work because your touch screen responds to static electricity from your fingertips, normal gloves and mittens block the static electricity from transmitting to our phones ! woah right lol . Any way I found a web site that has a way to make whatever gloves you chose touch screen compatible with a few stitches of conductive thread to the fingertips. ( I will link the site at the end , there is a video as well) So that got me thinking could it be done with mittens> I am going to order a sample of conductive thread and give it a try I think! I will let you know how things turn out! Until then I suppose I will have to go with the fashion forward touch screen glove.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Nail It every time!

 Today Im going to talk about my favorite " go to" nail colors and products . I change my nail color almost every day but that's only because I cannot stand chipped nails! ( It makes me crazy) 
My nail polish collection is kind of crazy so this topic was sort of a challenge but I picked some colors that I consider to be classics that every girl should have in her collection , to some that are a little different than the usual suspects. Im also going to show you some nail products that Im loving at the moment . Hope you Enjoy !

My First group of nail colors I wear quite a bit we will call these the classics, I think every girl needs these colors in there collection (or some shade close to them) 

1. Pure Ice in the shade Siren- this is a true red and will always be timeless and classic
2. 10 Professional Nail Lacquer in the shade Symphony- This is just what I like to call a "bubblegum pink color" nothing says girl like pink
3. Revlon Colorstay in the Shade Bare Bones- This is a taupe color that i love to put on when I want a subdued nail color but still want my nails to look polished and nice.

These  colors are also a few of my favorites but a little less traditional!

1.Elf in the shade Copper- this one almost has a rose gold tint to it which makes me obsessed
2.Essie in the shade Mezmerised- this is a great blue (think kindergarten color wheel blue)
3.Elf in the shade Golden Goddess- A golden shimmer polish with large silver glitter gorgeousness!

Ok I would just like to say before moving on , what do I have to go to school for to land the job of "Nail Polish Namer"? It has to be one of the most amazing jobs ever!!

Next Up Im going to show you two of my favorite nail products to use although they are technically still polish. You will see why i'm separating them from the previous lists shortly.

     Ok my love of a classic french nail is beyond obsessive it just looks clean, classy, and lets face it , its easy to match . It goes with everything .  The only thing I do not love about french manicures , is that they tend to be time consuming and I dont normally have the patience. So I went in search of an easier method. Low and behold I have found the answer ladies! (hallelujah)  Nailene Perfect Tips !! It comes with the perfect tip strips and the perfect tips pen which is a Nail polish pen in the french white color. To use perfect tips all you do is put the adhesive strips across the tips of your nails leaving exposed however much of the tip you want to paint. Then you simply swipe the paint pen across the tips , let dry , peel off the adhesive strips and put whatever top coat you wish. There are other brands on the market , I know I've seen Sally Hansen but this is the one I tried and it worked so now its a regular!

     Next up is a product that will literally double your nail polish collection giving you more options and needless to say that makes me in love, love, loooovvveee

The product im raving about is NYC's Matte Me Crazy! It literally makes any nail color you put on completely matte. Its fantastic and a huge trend this year! So for the sake of this post I did a little before and after (which dont really do the product justice) but A for effort right?

Before: Sally Hansen in the Shade Forbidden Fudge ( a metallic brown)

After! ok so the Ta Da moment is definitely lost due to my lack of photography skills but trust me its ta da! Now my nails are just a matte brown color that im even more obsessed with than the original color that I loved! 
Essie I know also makes a Matte top coat but to test it out I wasn't going to pay 7 dollars for Essie when I can pay like 2 for the NYC brand , which in my opinion works great. I definitely recommend checking out this product!

Well thats all I have for today ladies hope you found something in this blog of some use , and I would also like to say a quick thank you for all the positive feedback i've been getting in response to my posts , I love reading it you all are very sweet!! If you like what you see on the site be sure to click on the join this site link to the left , by doing so you will be listed as a follower and will be updated automatically when a new post is up !

Till the next class ladies be sure to keep up the Sass...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vitamin's ,starting beauty on the inside!

Ok so here's the skinny on beauty from the inside out! Often times I hear women complain about there skin or hair seeming dull, or there nails being thin and brittle so I thought i'd do a blog post on my vitamin routine and the benefits to taking vitamins as part of your everyday beauty routine.I am going to list each vitamin I take and there benefits. Like the rest of our body, hair also relies on adequate amounts of nutrients for maintaining their health and growth. And these nutrients reach the hair follicles from a healthy and well balanced diet. Now how many of us actually eat  a truly well balanced diet. We wont kid ourselves take the vitamins!

1. Biotin- Biotin is a b class vitamin with one of its main benefits being that it stimulates hair growth! Scientific evidence has linked biotin to alleviating hair thinning. If you believe your hair is thinning you may be biotin deficient (which you can be tested for by your doctor) in which case this would be a great vitamin for you to try. I buy a cheapie brand and I will link the picture below.

2. Folic Acid-  have you ever noticed how amazing a pregnant woman's hair looks and how fast it grows? Well that is because of the prenatal vitamins they take during there pregnancy. Pregnant women need a high intake of folic acid for uterine health , but an amazing side effect is great healthy hair. While you want the folic acid you don't need the excessive amounts of other vitamins in a prenatal so just skip to the source and that's a folic acid vitamin. also another cheapie!

3. Lastly I will say that any vitamin that boosts collagen production will be great for your hair skin and nails and drink water !! In order for vitamins to work properly they should be consumed with lots of water . It helps with your bodies absorption of the vitamin itself. 

*these vitamins i've listed are by no means the only ones that have beneficial side effects for your hair skin or nails , they are just the ones that I personally use and work for me!*