Sunday, March 17, 2013

curling iron to curling wand

Hello my Sassparilla's I'm not going to start this post apologizing for my absence from blogging, you all know the deal school , kids, family, blah blah blah. What I am going to talk about is how after months of wanting a curling wand but not wanting to spend the money on one (or hear my fiance yap about all my hair stuff consuming the bathroom for the millionth time) I decided to try and convert my regular Conair curling iron into a magical wand. If you don't know what a curling wand is it is basically a curling iron without the clip to hold your hair onto the barrel. The reason I wanted the curling wand is because you can achieve a much more natural looking wave like curl. Very mermaidesque (and who doesn't want to look like a mermaid?) So I figured I would just unscrew a few parts and see what I was left with. Low and behold it worked so I thought I'd share this with you girls and now if you'd like to try and do it yourself you can. *disclaimer : if you choose to attempt this you are liable for any damage you incur to your hair tool, in other words IT AIN'T MY FAULT!*
So here is what you will need:

your curling Iron
a screwdriver  
a plastic bag to hold the parts you will be removing from your curling iron

I started by just simply taking a screw driver from my guys closet (the cross one, idk what its called i'm a girl :) and unscrewing the screw from either side of the curling iron barrel. These screws are what attatch the clip part of the curling iron. Some people might say why can u not just leave it and go around the barrell and the clip with the hair but I've tried that and you always end up with a visable crease in your curl somewhere. once you have unscrewed the clip put the screws and other pieces in a plastic bag for safe keeping.
If you haven't used a wand before or don't know how all you are going to do is grab a section of hair and manually wrap it around your now transformed curling iron/wand and hold in place for about 5 seconds (or longer depending on size of section, length of hair , etc) when u let go you should have a mermaidesque curl/wave. I will include a picture of my hair curled this way. Hope you find this blogpost useful! Until next time my sassy ladies...
Xoxo Jennifer


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