Tuesday, March 19, 2013

.com shopping for my curvy girls

Fellow curvy girls this post is for you! I am 5'10" and def have some well padded curves ( your welcome for that mental image) but I have gotten really good at dressing up that extra fluff with the help from some amazing .com shopping sites as well as reg stores. Today though I'm going to share with you my favorite online sites for my fashionable curvy chics. I get asked about it all the time by friends associated etc who also have a little extra fluff but don't know how to dress it up. Disclaimer - nothing is going to look good on you if you do not get the appropriate size. There is nothing that looks worse than a fluffy girl packed into an outfit like she is in a sausage casing trying to break free! Ok let's get to that list...
1. Target.com -great pieces especially basics to maximize your wardrobe.

2.Asoscurve.com - really great for funky pieces , obsessed with this site

3.Forever21.com- most people don't know but they carry a line for the fluffy but fabulous

4.Dots.com- cute clothing at a really affordable Price point!

5.H&M.com- this one is probably the one that shocks people the most when I tell them. They also carry a line of larger sizes online , that are super trendy and chic !

Well this is my top notch list , I hope some of you will find it helpful or for the skinny's reading at least somewhat amusing! Until next time ladies , keep it sassy !
Xoxo Jennifer

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