Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Fab face for under $ 25!

Hello all ! So I thought I would give myself a bit of a challenge this week to find quality products, that would create a flawless everyday makeup look. All for under $25 and I have made it happen folks! So here are the products that made the cut!
Elf mineral face primer is amazing and feels amazing on your skin ! This was $3 and worth every penny!
Loreal visible lift foundation has great coverage without feeling heavy on your skin, it was $13 and foundation was where I made the conscious choice to spend the bulk of my $25 dollar budget because for me it is what really makes the everything else work. 
Next up I purchased Elf high definition face powder for $3 just to set my makeup for a lasting effect. It really worked quite well. I would say it is a good dupe for the pricey Makeup Forever powder that I love!
Last product I purchased was the blush and bronzer kit by the brand FLOWER in the shade gloriously golden. The bronzer is matte with no shimmer which I love for contouring, and the blush is a perfect pastel pink great for spring! This product was $6 such a great deal for an amazing blush/bronzer duo!
Grand total for all my fellow math genius' out there ....$25 !!
High end makeup is amazing but there are always quality drugstore products on the market that are completely comparable! Hope you all enjoyed this , I had fun with it! 
 Xoxo Jennifer

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