Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Green Beauty Guide: my review

Hi all , I'm excited to share with you today something a bit different than the normal class of sass mojo! As most of you probably know from previous posts my family and I have made a conscious decision to try and live as much of an "organic" lifestyle as possible. We started with our diets, and we have started switching over our cleaning supplies and such, but as I was sitting home the other day I started thinking about the amount of chemicals my beauty products contained. Now may I just say that I will not be switching all my beauty products to their organic counterparts. although i am willing to take a deeper look into organic beauty and possibly make at least a few changes to my daily routine. (Don't judge me, I'm attached to my products)
Organic beauty products is not my area of expertise (yet anyway) so I was going to need help. I went to my local library and found an amazing book called "The Green Beauty Guide" by Julie Gabriel. If your anything like me , I always want to know what makes someone an authority on a topic? Before I put too much weight on what anyone has to say ,about any areas of interest, I want to know I'm not wasting my time on someone who has no background to back up what they claim. I was pleasantly surprised by the authors credentials. Ms. Gabriel's credentials include but are not limited to; she was once associate editor at Harper's Bazaar, beauty editor for Atmosphere's, went on to create her own organic skin care line called Petite Marie Organics, as well as write the book I'm going to review for you today.
The Green Beauty Guide starts by explains how your bodies largest organ, your skin, works. Which becomes helpful in understanding how different products work or in some cases don't work for us. The book also goes into detail about all the chemicals that are in the products we use and how they are harmful to us. As someone who obviously loves beauty products this was hard for me to read. I was really happy when the book then started giving examples of organic brand beauty products to try instead as well as an added bonus of multiple DIY recipes for products anyone can make at home!
This book was packed with information but I found myself really engaged by the things Ms. Gabriel chose to write about. I am definitely going to at the very minimum try to be more conscious of what the ingredients in my beauty product choices are. Wherever possible i will swap them out for the recommended organic brand or one of the DIY recipes from the book! Baby steps right? If you would like more info please visit the authors website thegreenbeautyguide.com and I hope you enjoyed your time here at A Class of Sass!
xoxo. Jennifer


  1. Arbonne, Arbonne, Arbonne! Glad you are looking into the benefits of pure and safe stuff! Skin being largest 'organ', we gotta think more than twice about what goes 'on' and how it eventually gets 'in' to all the other organs! Did I say Arbonne yet? Smooches! Annie

    1. Well hello Ms.Annie V. yes you are right about thinking 2+ times about what goes on on and in our bodies! Our household is slowly getting transformed day by day! And yes you may have mentioned Arbonne lol. Do you have a website that people can purchase from?
      xo Jennifer


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