Monday, March 18, 2013

class of sass idle chatter

      Hi guys, hope you all are doing well! I wanted to sit down today and sort of touch base with you all on  a more personal level, sort of like a friendly virtual coffee date. I know my posts haven't been as frequent as I'd like lately and I apologize, If I could do this 24/7 I totally would! If you have followed my blog for a while  then you know that I am a mother to two kids, as well as a part-time old lady college student (no snickering) so just those two tasks alone keep me pretty busy on their own. I have also just recently started a new job so things don't look to be slowing down any time soon. With that said I have also decided that I am going to try and start posting on a regular basis at least a few posts a week just to touch base with you all and share what I can along the way! Now wouldn't you know that as soon as I made the resolution to myself to be more beauty blog diligent, there was a terrible accident here in my daughter while doing homework research on my laptop, accidentally sent it plummeting from our kitchen table onto the hardwood floors. Time of death: 3:35p. It was awful and gruesome and I'm pretty sure my daughter thought she would soon be living in a Swedish Boarding School (lucky for her I can't afford that!) Lucky for me my fiance has one that he has graciously allowed me to use until I get a new one. 
      So another reason I've been preoccupied lately is that I've sort of had an epiphany recently as to the direction I want my life to take. I had been on track to enter the nursing program at school and had a pre-nursing major, but I have worked in the medical field for the last ten years and finally realized that I do not want to dedicate anymore of my life to a field that I am not completely passionate about. Now don't get me wrong Nursing is an amazing field and so incredibly important, but there is a lot of political behind the scenes b.s. that goes along with it. If I am to be perfectly honest with you all and myself I was never in love with the thought of being a nurse. I am a creative soul, I am covered in tattoos,I love makeup, my hair color is as consistent  as that of someone in the witness protection program, and I love trying new things! Those things all felt stifled by a career in nursing. I am tired of having to hide my tattoo's for a job because employers in nursing facilities are more worried by the artwork on my skin showing than the excellent quality of care I provide. So after a lot of mental back and forth I decided to change my major to Small Business Entrepreneurship. My long term goal is to own a business where I am free to be who I am and express my creativity which ever way I see fit. I have been working on a more specific plan but I don't want to give away too much and have someone run off and make millions with my crazy ideas lol. I will say however that it will definitely have to do with the beauty industry, I've always been passionate about anything related to beauty/fashion! I love how easily we can transform ourselves from day to day and express who we are, its just plain amusing! I love that my friends come to me for beauty advice or with questions, I feel great when I can help. I love sharing things with you all, and in turn hearing from my followers about their experiences. 
      Now that brings me to my next and most recent hurdle, with blogging. Today it was brought to my attention that my followers have not been able to post their feedback to the comments portion of my blog lately even after multiple attempts. I think I have got it all squared away now so we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming here at A Class of Sass! So why don't we use this blog post as a tester to see if I've really fixed the problem. In the comments section below this post leave me a little message and tell me what you all have been up to! I hope you enjoyed this post I know its a little off my beaten path but it does say idle chatter in the title so, hey what did you expect? Until next time ....


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