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Hair Care Do's And Don'ts for colored hair

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So today I want to talk about Hair care do's and don'ts for those with colored Hair. I would like to state for the record that i am not an expert in hair care, I'm not a hairdresser, hair colorist etc.. I am just a girl who has dyed her hair every color of the rainbow without it all falling off or major breakage. With that said I get asked all the time how my hair stays so healthy because I dye it a different color quite often. By quite often I would say a completely different shade every 6 months or so. Before I get into my actual do's , don'ts and hair care routine i'm going to post a few pics of hair colors I've had in the last couple years so you Know how extensively I dye my hair. Hope this post is useful!

So firstly I only wash my hair once or twice a week at the most ( I shower people just dont wash my hair so don't freak) Washing your hair frequently is actually quite bad for it! So I would say wash it as little as you can get away with. There are a few things you can do to help not wash it so much I use a dry shampoo which basically just absorbs any oil you may want to get rid of and if you get one that smells nice its like a refresher for your hair. Another way I keep my hair from being washed is that my hairstyles vary depending on how close it is to shampoo day. What I mean by this is Day 1 I blow out my hair straight and leave it, day two I wear it curled, day 3 I wear it wavy , day 4 I wear it half up , and day 5 I put it up in a bun and day 6 I wash and start over. Now if you are not comfortable washing your hair only once or twice a week then just wash every other day or two days bottom line is just wash it LESS!

Another way to help your hair is to use a low sudsing shampoo, or break your shampoo down by using a 1/2 shampoo 1/2 conditioner mix. I have found that the more a shampoo suds up the worse it is for your hair.

On Day 5 when i put my hair up in the bun its for two reasons 1 is that its probably going to be too oily to wear down and because i have saturated it with a conditioning hair mask that I am going to leave on it until the next days shampoo. (I will list the products I personally use at the end)

Never Ever Skip a Heat protectant!!! I repeat never!....Use a spray , a creme, a mousse , whatever method you prefer just use it!

Don't brush your hair when its wet doing so causes breakage! I use a wide tooth comb with a spray conditioning treatment i make myself by just mixing a few squirts of whatever conditioner I am loving in a spray bottle fill it up shake it and spray it on your hair  if you have fine hair be careful not to use too much or your hair wont have any volume.

lastly if you can stand to do so let your hair air dry as much as possible before using heat . Reducing the time under the heat source will reduce the damage.

That's really all I do and my hair stays healthy even while I change the color constantly.

To Recap

1 . Wash hair as infrequently as possible
2.  Make sure if you are going to be using a hair styling tool that uses heat that you use a heat protectant
3.  Don't brush your hair while its wet , instead use a wide tooth comb.
4. Condition . condition. condition!!!!

Products I am currently using....

1.Tresemme Fresh Start dry shampoo for fine /oily hair
2. Organix Brazililan Keratin therepy flat iron/heat spray
3.Loreal Evercreme Deep nourishing mask
4. Garnier Fructis Sleek&Shine Morracan Argan Oil

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