Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Style starting Lineup...

 Hi sassparilla's happy Tuesday to you all! Todays Post is about my top five style influences as well who are all pretty iconic as far as im concerned. These five women have in some way shape or form influenced me in my style wether it be through fashion or beauty or both. Lets get the party going, shall we?

1. Marilyn Monroe- For myself and millions of women everywhere Marilyn Monroe signifies beauty. She was one of those women who just had the "it" factor. Everything about her , from her demeanor to the way she dressed just exuded sexiness. Marilyn was the ultimate girls girl to say the least. No one since has ever made, what was essentially a pretty basic white dress, blowing up over a sewer grate look so absolutely glamorous!

2. Stevie Nicks- Now I realize some of my followers here may be too young to know who Stevie Nicks is (which by the way is a damn shame) She is the lead vocalist from the band Fleetwood Mac. To me Stevie's style is pure mystical magic. Growing up with parents of the woodstock era, I remember looking at the album photo's of Stevie and thinking how amazing it must feel to twirl around on stage in her flowy dresses with long bell shaped sleeves and long tousled hair. Not to mention the voice of an angel! Her gypsy style speaks to the hippie portion of my soul!

3.Gwen Stefani- I started following Gwens style I would say my freshman year of highschool when her band No Doubt really became wildly popular. She was like this edgy tomboy that held onto her femininity through her signiture red lipstick. (which she still rocks proudly to this day) I love her eclectic style and her confidence to push the envelope.

4.Rachel Zoe-One word describes her style (and its one of hers) MAJOR. I don't know if there has ever been another woman on this planet who knows vintage design, or how to wear it, like she does. No one (and I say this with certainty) knows fashion like her. To me her vintage hippie chic look is an absolute dream. If I was able to have any persons closet on this planet as some sort of magical wish, I would choose Rachel's. Rachel Zoe's style is like a vintage work of art made relevant for todays day and age.

5. Nicole Richie- As a person Nicole is someone I really admire. Once upon a time I would have never said that, because lets face it she used to be somewhat of a train wreck. The Paris Hilton era did not wear well on my girl Nicole. It Wasnt good for her fashion sense or her common sense for that matter. Like most of us eventually do at some point she gave her life an overhaul and out emerged a bohemian style beauty! Her style evolved so much that House of Harlow 1960 was born, (for those that live under a fashion rock this is her own line) I just love how effortlessly cool she always looks, she never overcomplicates her wardrobe!

Thats my style starting lineup which is really nothing more than a ramble about my girl crushes lol but I hope you enjoyed it! Until next time ...

xoxo Jennifer

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