Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday =Beauty Detox Day

Hello Sassparilla's happy Sunday to you all! Sunday is what I call my beauty detox day. It is the day where I wash away my week. I start the day by washing my hair of all products and really give it a good conditioning treatment, I do not blow dry it I just towel dry and leave it to air dry . Next I thoroughly cleanse my face and do a pore cleansing mask. Sundays I leave my face completely natural with no makeup just moisturizer and sunscreen. I remove my nail polish and leave my bare nails unpolished. I do not fuss over what to wear I either stay in my pjs or put on some leggings and a t-shirt  and really just relax! It may seem silly to do this to some people but to me there are many benefits and its really quite freeing. It's like recharging yourself for the upcoming week and it is pretty essential for me. Now don't get me wrong I I have an event to go to on a Sunday I'm not going to show up in my sweats and bunny slippers but I will tell you that if I don't have my Sunday beauty detox I find that it is really hard for me to get the week going with the same pep. So while I was going through my Sunday beauty detox routine today I thought to myself "I wonder if anyone else does this?" And hence a blog baby was born :) so how about it sassparilla's are any of you detoxing today?? What do you make sure to do? 


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