Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday : teased hair don't care!

So today I thought in honor of the "throwback Thursday" viral trend I thought , why not look at a throw back hairstyle ! The teased up early 90's wall bangs!! Do any of my sassparilla's remember this hairstyle? For those that don't know what it was, it was basically teasing your bangs as high as you can and swooping them over to one side created basically a teased wave or wall! The higher your bangs the more fabulous you were! 
Now I searched high and low for a picture of myself with these bangs for today's post but I think they are hidden away in a old hair archive somewhere in an alternate universe (or they could just be at my parents house) but if I stumble upon it later I will definitely post a picture!
Xoxo Jennifer
Ps what was your fave throwback hairstyle??

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