Friday, December 14, 2012

Top Trends Of December

Drum roll please>>> My picks for the top trends of December have been chosen !!! yays ! It is no easy task to narrow down all the looks you love to just a few, but somehow I have focused my fashion a.d.d. to form this list . So without further ado ....

1. The gold glitter dress! They are everywhere right now and I adore them. Maybe it is the sparkle , maybe its the luxe look of the gold but whatever it is i'm hooked. Great look for a holiday party , or a night on the town. I personally love this look paired with a black opaque tight and a black Heel (or if your one of the tall who refuse to wear heels like me a black ballet flat) It just makes it look that much more luxurious! keep your accessories to a minimum with this outfit it comes with its own bling!

 Product ImageJessica Howard Cap sleeve dress

2.Wide leg silky pants- Ladies I own a pair of these in black with a very small coral/rust polka dot print and I adore them! They can be funky if you go with a print , to business chic paired with a form fitting blazer. The key to these pants is to make sure the top half of your outfit is structured like Miranda Kerr did in the pic below with her leather jacket. The most amazing part about these pants is you feel as if your wearing your most comfy pair of sweats or pj's!

Miranda Kerr at LAX paired with a white t-shirt and a structured black leather jacket

3. Leather leggings- now this look is a love hate relationship because I love the look of an all leather legging with an amazing classy blouse ! The downside to this trend, (and I as a girl who has a little extra love in the thigh area can attest)  a full on leather legging is not amazingly flattering to a girl with a curvy lower half. Now ladies this does not rule out the trend completely for us.  Choosing a legging with leather paneling like the ones in the photo below you minimize the area instead of making it look larger. You still get the look of the leather but in a way that works for your body. Now if you are slimmer on the lower half and feel comfortable doing so by all means rock out in the full on leather! Now personally I would only buy faux leather because I have no desire to injure lil creatures for the sake of leggings . So buy in good taste lovies....
Kymerah Dakota leather paneled legging from

4. Peplum T-shirts- I love love love the look of peplum, the dresses are completely adorable but to be perfectly honest my lifestyle is not conducive to me strutting around in a peplum dress. For a long time I thought only stick skinny girls would look good in a peplum , but after some trial and error I have found that if you find the right peplum for your body shape it does WONDERS for your figure! You have to make sure that the shirt is form fitting  (that does not mean tight) and that the part where the peplum starts to flare out at the point of your natural waistline. For me I found that ones like the one shown below, where the peplum area is a little longer looks better on me. The best advice I have is try on as many different styles as you can until you have your peplum A-Ha moment , I assure you its worth it . This shirt is an easy way to dress up a casual outfit. Throw on some skinny jeans and an ankle boot and you look like one sassy classy broad :)

Brown animal print curved peplum t shirt from

Well it seems we have come to the end of My top December Trends , leave me some feedback and let me know if you have any of the same fav's as me or if you think I may have overlooked a major trend of the month that you'd have liked to have seen included! As always thanks for coming to A Class of

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