Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Smitten with Mittens or Glove Love

Aaah every winter brings the fashion question "to glove or to mitten?" Personally I am a girl who just loves a mitten! They are adorable and cozy and remind me of the ones are parents made us wear when  we were kids that were attached by a single knit cord and threaded through the sleeves of our jackets. But alas those were before the dawn of a  touch screen this or that, so what is a mitted girl to do ? I have bit the bullet and bought a pair of ugly touch screen gloves with the gray fingertips that are not one bit fashionable , but functional...eeew . So whilst contemplating my options I thought "There must be a better way!" So I let my fingertips lead the way to google in search of fashionable finger wear....and low and behold I may have found the answers to one of life's current mysteries < Can fingers remain fashionably toasty in an era of touchscreen?

aaaaaah we are getting warmer! I found these lil gems on they are Ralph Lauren and Tres Chic!

And after searching and searching with no hopeful results I have to say I could not find one pair of touch screen mittens!! Why has the adorable mitten been overlooked by the finger fashion community ? while I do not have the answer, I did find some promising information. Touch Screen gloves work because your touch screen responds to static electricity from your fingertips, normal gloves and mittens block the static electricity from transmitting to our phones ! woah right lol . Any way I found a web site that has a way to make whatever gloves you chose touch screen compatible with a few stitches of conductive thread to the fingertips. ( I will link the site at the end , there is a video as well) So that got me thinking could it be done with mittens> I am going to order a sample of conductive thread and give it a try I think! I will let you know how things turn out! Until then I suppose I will have to go with the fashion forward touch screen glove.

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